Sunday, January 27, 2013

Old Yellow Swing, Breezes & Lana Del Rey


You have the right to write your life.
How you want it to start and how you want it to end.

You can live your life like tomorrow never comes or keep on living with hopes and passion that will keep you alive.

Life could bring you choices that leads to possibility.
The first thing you want it and hoping it to be real just like what you've planned. Then, you'll realized it just not what you need.
By that route, you just want to go back to the start.

I want to live with sweet noises for my entire life.
I want to live with an orange light and blue moon for my entire night.
I want to wake up with a fresh flesh and good smell laying on my bed with me.
I want to run on a green grass and able to feel the ground without thinking about falling.
I want to shout at the blue skies from the top of the mountains.
I want to feel the breezes and haze wrap around my body everytime I feel the pain.

I want it, before I sleep.
And still want it when the morning comes.

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